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                  Powerful testimonies about child abuse in Scientology keep coming to light
                  Adjust font size:   Close Tonyortega.org Tony Ortega 2020-02-07
                  You may have seen Victoria Locke on YouTube or over at Facebook. She’s been coming forward with some really shocking allegations of abuse while she was in Scientology, and she posted another stunning narrative yesterday.


                  [Victoria Locke] 

                  “I had never given a second thought to my adult Sea Org recruiter telling me, a child, that he wanted to marry me once I signed my SO contract. I had never given a second thought to adults bull-baiting children on TRs with sexual vulgarity. As I come to more realizations, I am getting angrier and angrier,” she wrote.  

                  We asked her if she might give our readers a little background on her situation, and she readily agreed, sending over this summary. As Scientology increasingly comes under examination for the way it mistreats children, we think it’s important to keep Victoria’s allegations in mind. Here’s what she sent us 

                  I was a Scientologist for about 12 years. I was brought in by my brother when I was 10 years old because I was severely depressed and was self-harming. My grandparents, who also raised me, wanted to take me to a child psychologist. My brother, already a Scientologist, swooped in and took me directly to his auditor. And it all began there. 

                  The main abuse I endured was being ritually raped by my cousin, who was 26 years my senior. I was 11. This went on for months. Eventually, I told my brother and my auditor. I was terrified, but I knew I had to do it because my rapist also had two daughters that were younger than I was. I wanted someone to go with me to the police. 

                  Long story short, my brother defended him. I was a “spiritual being” and knew what I was doing. My auditor began giving sessions to my cousin, and suddenly he was “cured.” Of all the hurt and abuse I went through in the church, the WORST memory I have was having to apologize to my abuser — in front of my brother and auditor — for allowing him to rape me as a child. I had to apologize to him for potentially putting his marriage at risk. I had to hug him. 

                  In high school, I eventually reported my cousin to CPS and the police. My brother told me he would handle the case. Unsurprisingly, the case was dropped and nothing was ever done. 

                  Years later, I was attending a party in college and I was raped by 4 men. My mental health took a turn for the worse, and I landed in the hospital for a suicide attempt. 

                  After I was released from the hospital, my auditor made me sign an affidavit that I did not blame the church for my distress. She explained that if I killed myself, it would be a liability to the church’s PR, and she would refuse to give me any more help. 

                  In session, I told my auditor that I had been raped. She placed me in lower conditions on my first dynamic. As part of my liability formula, I had to go back to the college campus, confront my rapists and hand them the Way to Happiness booklets. 

                  Also, as part of my “suffering up the conditions,” I moved in with my auditor and joined staff at the local mission. After serving as mission and Org staff, I quietly slipped away when I was about 23. 

                  Since speaking with other Scientology survivors a few months ago, I had a shaking epiphany: I was being sexually manipulated as a child , and I wasn’t even aware of it. 

                  I’m 27 now, and I literally just found out this year that there was so much more to add to the list of abuse. I had never given a second thought to my adult auditors asking me sexually-explicit questions when I was a child… i.e masturbatory habits, re-living my molestation and rape in excruciating details, my sexual attraction to girls. Of course, when you’re being audited, you’re simply not allowed to leave the room. If your auditor needs to physically restrain you until you answer the questions and THEY are satisfied with your answer, then so be it. 

                  I had never given a second thought to my adult Sea Org recruiter telling me, a child, that he wanted to marry me once I signed my SO contract. I had never given a second thought to adults bull-baiting children on TRs with sexual vulgarity. 

                  As I come to more realizations, I am getting angrier and angrier. I want to say this: My brother is not innocent. 

                  Not only did my brother protect my rapist, our cousin, but he CONTINUES to protect him. My brother continues to employ my cousin for his company. My brother continues to support a self-admitted child rapist. He continues to turn my family against me. (Sounds like a guilty conscience to me!) 

                  And I will not forget what HE did when I was a child. I will not stay quiet. 

                  Who protects child abusers? OTHER CHILD ABUSERS. 

                  Fuck Scientology.  

                  As if Victoria’s allegations weren’t awful enough, at nearly the same time Serge Gil posted another powerful indictment of Scientology, also on Facebook. You might remember our story on Serge from January 2017, where we described what he went through as a teenager: He was one of several auditors at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida whose job was to interrogate older men about their sexual histories, and specifically about their fantasies during masturbation. This was standard practice in Scientology, which rings up huge bills by forcing its members to give up their darkest sexual practices and thoughts at hundreds of dollars an hour. 


                  [Serge Gil] 

                  In his Facebook post, Serge talked about the horror of having men admit to having sex with children, and being instructed to get even more information from such confessors, who were then simply charged even more to “handle” their pedophilia.  

                  “We were made to sit in that Fort Harrison hotel day in and day out interrogating people to see what they had done. Our interviews were always closely watched [and] monitored by several ‘terminals.’ All the CSes [case supervisors] and tech ‘executives’ became willing in colluding and becoming 100 percent complicit with this sexually inappropriate environment for any one under the age of 18,” he writes. 

                  “Self-confessed pedophiles could just magically ‘address’ this behavior with auditing — all the while you were looking at ways to monetize at every opportunity,” he says, accusing Scientology executives of looking for ways to turn confessions into more auditing and more money. 

                  With Victoria and Serge posting their broadsides on the same day, we’re reminded that there’s a major legal team that has promised additional lawsuits aimed at the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige that, their first lawsuit promised, will focus on the abuse of children.  

                  We’re looking forward to those additional lawsuits being filed. 

                  (tonyortega.org, August 13, 2019)

                  Source: https://tonyortega.org/2019/08/13/powerful-testimonies-about-child-abuse-in-scientology-keep-coming-to-light/ 

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